In the beginning there was darkness

Sometimes a project should resemble a speed run like some of the half-life any% runs seen at GDQ events. This blog is such a project. I now have accumulated enough notes that I need somewhere to write them down. Piggybacking off of my existing infrastructure that I use for development of my DSP software, it seemed obvious to start a blog that will work as both a notebook, but also as a way of knowledge sharing.

The posts on this page will focus on technology but may occasionally touch on my other hobbies like music and cooking (… and any combination of those).

When it comes to technology, I’m a low level software guy. I like flipping bits, optimizing memory layouts for cache locality, making sure that I get every bit of performance out of the hardware I have at hand. My tool of choice for that is C++, although I dabble in rust as it seems inevitable that my career would end before rust is the ubiquitous language that everybody loves to hate and hates to love.

If you want to reach out, you can find me on LinkedIn, or send me an email.